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Exuma Kitesurfing was launched in 2007 offering kiteboarding
lessons, Kiteventures, and Stand-Up Paddle tours and rentals,
with personalized kiteboarding coaching to kiteboarding students
of all skill levels.

I'm a IKO and PASA certified level 2 instructor and draw on my
experience as an advanced kiteboarder, and former expert windsurfer
and snowboard instructor.

After visiting Exuma twice on photo shoots, with most of the shooting
on the water, I was astounded by the fantastic conditions and potential
for a kiteboarding destination. I returned with my kiteboarding gear
and Exuma delivered consistent winds, flat-water, sandbar rollers,
and waves in the most stunning natural beauty ... a fantastic
kiteboarding spot!

Shortly after returning from my kiteboarding vacation, I designed the
Exuma Kitesurfing logo ... the Bahamas has a rich pirate history and
the crossed swords made a perfect 'X'.

Visit Exuma Kitesurfing Bahamas Kiteboarding Facebook group for
launch information, forecast, tips, expriences, questions, answers,
photos and videos.

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